Consula now provides Translation & Language Support Services for Lawyers, Business and Start-Ups

As globalisation continues to create a closer-networked world, law and business face the ongoing challenges of language translation. Complex legal documents, contracts, terms and conditions, prescribed regulatory information, you name it. Under recent guidelines issues by the Office of Fair Trading, business in the UK, especially regulated business, must adopt policies for identifying "vulnerable" consumers. This includes consumers who do not speak English, but who are faced with legal processes, contracts or agreements in English.



Meeting this challenge means adopting an approach that is efficient, effective and delivers translation and language support across a range of different media. Translation isn't just for the lawyers or established businesses, however. Start-up businesses looking at international/foregin patents will also need to translate across multiple languages to maximise their opportunity and mitigate risks.

Legal and patent translations


Consula can give you access to extensive experience translating legal documents and patent applications quickly and accurately. Our partner's national team of skilled translators include experienced legal translation specialists, who are familiar with the law and legal terminology. Your documents will alaways be translated by someone with relevant expertise so you can be confident the translation will be of the highest quality and completely accurate.


Translators with patent expertise


Translations for patent applications will be assigned to staff with specific expertise in this area. If your document is to be filed in court or at a patent office, it will be delivered to you in the right format, including any necessary certification.


Confidentiality is absolutely essential and all documents will be treated in the strictest confidence under a robust and clear confidentiality policy, which all interpreters and translators adhere to. Whether you are a small or a large legal practice, the service available suits all sizes as well as the legal departments of large corporations. Tight deadlines and targets are always accomodated and all translations are independently checked word-for-word by an expert proofreading team.


Bespoke services


Bespoke services are also available along side interpreting and translation services. With so many different business models, legal requirements and languages, a flexible approach for different firms and businesses with their own unique language support requirements is also available. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution to your communication needs, you can access a bespoke package of services, tailor-made to match your exact, individual requirements and offering great value for money.

Startup Loans

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