Clients / Partners

We work with a number of different clients, from start-ups to law firms and established businesses to large corporations.

Our diverse client base reflects our diverse and innovative solutions. Working as a legal consultant, or providing start up business support, or assistance to an existing business, see who we have worked with and what they say about us.


"Consula has helped my claims-management company with regulatory matters, audits and compliance as well as delivering in-house legal services and dispute resolution very effectively."
Kamran Mirshahi, Claims Thru Us Ltd
“Martin Callan has provided us with ongoing legal consultant support through Consula. This has been invaluable to us our new business grows and we would recommend Consula and in particular Martin to any new or existing business in need of legal or strategic support.”

Anil Shah, Partner, Hewetson Shah LLP


​​"Consula was invaluable in helping me set up my new law firm. The support, guidance and insight provided enabled me to navigate the process, paperwork and insurance. On top of that, Consula is also helping me to generate new business. Fantastic!"

Jasmin Crilly, Principal, Kinnaird Sherington Solicitors


​​"Consula helped me establish my new cleaning company, giving me support and guidance on legal and business matters. Such a professional, freindly service, I would reccommend it!"

Fatima, Director, LeoneDahlia