Consula launches

Consula has launched to provide Professional Claims Management services to cosnumers who will likely be facing a range of issues arising out of the events of 2020. This service is provided by Martin Callan personally who has many years experience of managing claims relating to finance miss-selling, investment miss-selling and unfair relationship claims. The impact of COVID-19 has led to new rules from the FCA which require creditors to provide consumers with a range of assistance. Not all creditors are doing so for everyone.

Becuase Martin will continue to provide other services through Consula, there is a limit on how many live claims can be processed. There will also be "engagement criteria" for claims, such as a value between £25,000 and £85,000 amogst other things. The service provided will be a Professional one, so it will be a little more involved and personal than mainstream claims management providers.

COVID-19 FCA Guidance introduced a range of "protections" for consumers impacted by COVID-19 and the subsequent disruption to the economy. This included a range of provisions relating to mortgages, loans and credit cards, such as payment holidays, payment freezes, no adverse credit information and so on. Inevitably not everyone will receive the right level of support from all lenders and there will be some consumers who will have bene adversely affected by not having been provided the support they ought to have been under FCA rules. charges 15%+VAT (18%) of the compensation awarded, a competative price for Professional Claims Management.

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