Consula Launches major R&D LIBOR Scandal Test Case Project

Consula launches major new R&D Barclays Bank LIBOR test case. Working with a number of partners, we are leading the way in developing R&D opportunities for consumers and the Legal Marketplace. Our LIBOR test-case project has brought together a group of partners from around the UK to develop a solutuion for consumers who, we beleive, overpaid interest as a result of the LIBOR fixing by Barclays Bank.

If you took out a Barclays Bank Mortgage between 2005-2007/8 or put your savings into an ISA or other cash based vehicle between 2007/9 AND the interest rate was based on LIBOR, you may be entitled to compensation (for an over-payment of interest on Mortgages, or an underpayment of interest on savings). Consula has developed a team of lawyers from around the UK who have teamed up to put together two test cases for submission to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

For more details about our LIBOR test case click here.

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