In-House Compliance 


Consula has consultants who have delivered a range of different regulatory and compliance needs to businesses and organisations. You may not need a full time member of staff depending on the regulatory regime and your business or organisation's size. Consula provides access to very experienced individuals who can help acheive your compliance objectives without impacting on your bottom lines.


The regulatory environment, and consequently the role of compliance, has changed significantly in recent years. There has always been a significant overlap between regulatory compliance and risk management - the compliance function’s fundamental purpose after all, is to manage the firm’s regulatory risk. And a firm’s governance, culture and organisational behaviour are core to how all risk is managed within the firm.

Consula can provide experienced compliance officers who have a range of regulatory and compliance experience from legal and financial to claims management and accounting.


If you would like to find out more about Consula's solutions to your compliance needs, get in touch for an informal assessment of your needs,