Consula now provides access to Luxury Video Production Services

Consula has teamed up with Hauxwell and Hardaker, leading professional luxury video producers, giving you access to a leading service at an exclusive rate. Online marketing has developed significantly over the past 10 years, and as technology becomes more adaptable and accessible, the use of video to deliver messages online, through your website, social media and as pot-casts continues to become an important platform to engage with prospective clients. Whether you're an established business or a start-up, 


Now, exclusively through Consula, you could add this quality media to your marketing from as little as £700 (plus VAT) for a full days shoot with 2 crew members and a weeks edit. A great value deal, exclusive to Consula!

Hauxwell and Hardaker's work is at the cutting edge of what's possible with video. It engages viewers, and delivers exceptional results to clients. 


Hauxwell and Hardaker combine technical expertise with a keen aesthetic sense to produce high quality luxury videos. If you are looking for well-crafted, informative and interesting videos for clients the Consula's exclusive offering may well be what you have been looking for. 


View the sample video on the right to get a sense of the high standards available and if you're impressed, get in touch and discover how you can add high quality luvury video to your marketing strategy but without a huge price tag! Luxury Video Production includes:


- A session working out what it is you want your video to do

- Research into your business or interest field, competitors and USP's 

- A Full day shoot with our qualified team of video producers

- A Full weeks edit with 2 amend sessions (If you don't like how its edited, it can be changed) 

- A fully licensed sound track, logo and web links and any title graphics you may desire

Startup Loans

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