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Take a look at our Litigation Funding Solution: investor- backed case funding or buy-back commission funding.

Consula is pleased to provide access to a new innovative funding solution to law firms.This funding opportunity can be tailored to your specific needs and therefore is a bespoke funding solution unique to you.


Many lawyers have earned high profits over recent years. More surprisingly, however, very few have seen investment in their law firm realise any capital growth. With law firms now being able to structure themselves in a way that allows external investment, the market is opening up to a range of different funding and investor-backed solutions.


Consula's offering of Investment based funding are among some of the most innovative currently available and enable firms to significantly free up their lock up to fund capital growth in an increasingly competitive and commoditized legal market-place. 


Access an investor who could invest directly into your WiP, giving you the chance to free up your cash-flow and grow your business either by taking on new pipelines of work or by developing your existing business sources. Other options are also available and we would be happy to discuss this with you.


Bespoke and Tailored Deals


Litigation Funding Deals are individually tailored to the needs of each firm and are professionally managed, negotiated and agreed with the longevity and growth of the business at the forefront. Realise the true potential of your firm by considering investment that will free up your cash-flow so you can grow your business and acheive the capital growth that will put your business on a sound platform for the future.

All deals negotiated on an individual basis


Different models available to suit your business needs


Additional Litigation Insurance solutions also available on request.


Bespoke funding solution unique to you.

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