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With the predicted demise of many small law firms, telling your former, current and prospective clients that you are still in business and want more work is essential. 


We provide bespoke blogging, newsletters and social media management to our law firm member firms.....​



All solicitors have to do CPD but make sure that you spend your time doing something that is going to add value to your practice.


High Street Lawyer, through our training company Legal Focus provides targeted and affordable CPD to small law firms on strategic and practice area topics.....




Small law firms have very little buying power when it comes to supplies that they need on a recurring basis, even though most firms are buying the same set of services from a fairly small group of suppliers.


Collaboration through a buying club can help save you money.....


HSL know that small law firms like to share ideas, strategy and even work leads from time to time. 


That is why HSL has developed HSL Workshare, a unique, bespoke collaboration platform. 


Using Enterprise Networking concepts similar to LinkedIn and Facebook, HSL member firms can communicate on whatever strategic and work related issues they wish to discuss.


For more details, contact Gary Yantin using the form below, or go straight to the HSL Webite

HSL Workshare
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