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Since the implementation of LASPO 2012 and the impact Jackson reforms, acquiring profitable work in reasonable volumes has become problematic. The reforms have made many firms rethink the type of work they undertake and their marketing strategies to acquire such work.

With these difficult and challenging times a market is available which is affordable and profitable if dealt with correctly.

Housing Disrepair is such a market, and can now be dealt with under a Conditional Fee Agreement. The reason why this is now a viable market for the right type of Housing Disrepair work are:-


  • Legal aid, except in exceptional circumstances, is not available to social housing clients. To achieve justice they need Solicitors to act under a Conditional fee agreement(CFA);

  • The right to use a CFA is now not questioned as a method of funding since the removal of the recoverability of the success fee;

  • Local authorities have limited budgets and have an inability to maintain its' housing stock;

  • The success fee can be recovered from the tenants;

  • For a case to be allocated to the Fast Track quantum only has to be more than £1000.


Take a look at our Market Overview by clicking the button to the right or here.

The clients primary concern is to have their houses repaired. Compensation is a secondary consideration. Solicitors justifiably can take part of the damages generally between £1000 and £5000, and if the solicitor is able to establish any personal injury claim, the amount available towards the success fee can be more.

Our supplier has been involved in this market for many years and has an extensive supply of cases which can be developed into a profitable pipeline of work to your law firm.

There has been a marked deterioration in the way in which certain local authorities(LA) deal with their tenants, this provides opportunities for litigation. This market is a good one but only if the right selection criteria is adopted.

We are aware of the areas that need help , the LA that are poor , the type of houses that the LA will not fix and will undertake "botched" repairs.

Presently we introduce this work to solicitors who are able to command reasonable fees and deal with the work profitably. Take a look at our Example Case Study by using the button to the right or click here.

We can produce and refer this work to you in reasonable volumes and provide you will all assistance you need including counsel , surveyors , expert witness , letters and workflows for your case management system and ongoing support and advice.

The range of options to access this lucrative pipeline of work can be provided as "Business In A Box" (includes template letters, Counsel and more)

Cases from £600 front end and negotiable % back end


All cases based on factual evidence (a Surveyor inspects property)


Relatively quick settlement turnaround


CFA Uplift available


Minimum 10 Cases a month


Standard Costs recoverable on all claims above £1,000 (pre or post issue)


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