Legal Practice / Experience

Consula provides support across legal and business challenges.

Whether you are a law firm, a start-up or an existing business, Consula can provide invaluable support designed to meet a specific project or on-going challengesFind out what a legal consultant can do for you.

Contentious Matters


Litigation, dispute resolution and negotiating settlements can be expensive. By appointing one of our Consultants as an in-house legal officer, or a non-executive director, our solution gives you access to legal expertise on a fixed cost basis, avoiding uncertainty in legal fees.

With litigation experience in contract, terms & conditions, regulated consumer credit agreements, commercial disputes between organisations and access to counsel, we can provide a strategic legal solution to any contentious disputes your business is experiencing. Find out what a legal consultant can do to help resolve disputes.

Business Strategy


Strategic planning often requires innovation and flexibility in order to deliver a successful strategy that can meet the objectives of any business in a rapidly changing marketplace.

No one can see the future, but planning to overcome challenges or to maximise an opportunity requires a degree of strategic innovation.

Subsequent to the economic downturn and the prospect of increased competition that it brings it is essential that business adapt to market conditions. Consula can help provide insight, ideas and solutions to help. Find out what a business consultant can do to help you.


Process Mapping

Many law firms operate on a traditional model which has been tried and tested over the years.

However, process mapping can provide a valuable addition to that model by helping to identify efficiency savings, additional WiP and revenue streams and opportunities for improved CRM and business development.

Our process mapping process involves engaging directly with fee earners, managers and partners, mapping each step of a process and -providing a strategic overview with suggested solutions to cut overheads and increase turnover. Find out what a legal consultant can do to help your law firm.

Property/Land Law

With very strong practice experience in property transactions, landlord & tenant as a fee earner, team manager, department manager and head of department in private practice, our consultant, Martin Callan, can provide a range of consultative services around land and property matters.

Whether its a lease renewal, understanding rights and obligations, boundary disputes or help drafting documents, we have a solution for you and your business.


Start-Up Businesses

We provide tailored, cost-effective and practical packages for start-ups. Whether you need help with your terms & conditions, understanding your regulatory position or assistance with a dispute, Consula has the solutions.

We provide a range of packages from a fixed term retainer to ad-hoc guidance combined with quick response support when you need it. Check out our start up business services here.


​Regulatory compliance can be an administrative chore for many businesses, law firms and start-ups.

An ever-changing landscape accompanied by the need for risk management and transparency under the threat of regulatory intervention means that it is more important than ever to understand and manage the regulatory issues affecting your business.

Whether its law firms, claims management companies, the Ministry of Justice, Financial Conduct Authority authorisation or Solicitors Regulation Authority, we can help you navigate regulatory regimes and provide innovate business models that are compliant.

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