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Why use Consula?

Consula Maximises the recovery of WiP

Consula only gets paid when you get paid

No heavy discounts on file transfers

Avoid insolvency and its consequences

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Market Background

With the recent introduction of Alternative Business Structures and further legislative changes imminent, the landscape of the legal industry will experience significant change.

Find out more about the market background here.

Thinking of taking your firm out of the Personal Injury Market?

Access a structured exit from the claimant personal injury industry

Consula can provide exclusively to claimant personal injury firms, assisting them in a managed exit of the claimant personal injury market, or a sector of it. Your firm will be provided with accountancy, policing, monitoring and cash management services to your firm, the vendor, throughout the life of the run off, in addition to the provision of Panel Firms (PF) prepared to take the work through to a conclusion substantially for the value they add. The objective is to remove the risks to the PF and ring fence 100% of the WIP value for the benefit of your firm, whilst ensuring the claimant’s best interest are central to the model. No due diligence is required on individual files, avoiding the need to access client confidential information prior to consent being given, with the added advantage of dramatically speeding up the transaction. Click here for a full Overview of the process and cashflow.

This service, we believe, will be attractive to advisors and law firms in such cases as pending insolvency, cash flow difficulties or re-structures. The innovative service will also attract law firms wishing to exit the market on a voluntary basis, whether for retirement or the desire to withdraw from this highly competitive market.

There are, as at the end of 2012, some 3,500 providers of personal injury. Whether claimant or defendant, the impact of the Jackson reforms, ban on referral fees, abolition of CFAs and ATE insurance, cost shifting implications, expansion of the portal, cap on fixed fees and moves towards contingency based legal fees represent the biggest changes to the Personal Injury Market in a generation. This, combined with the opening up of the legal market to Alternative Business Structures, creates a highly dynamic marketplace of uncertainty, opportunity and significant change. Our Market Background goes into more detail about this, but it is becoming increasingly clear that a number of firms are looking to exit the market.

Are you tired of an overcrowded personal injury market?

With increasing and ever changing regulation and a squeeze on profit margins, you should be thinking about the future and how it will impact on your business. You may simply want to exit the personal injury market but have concerns about maintaining the reputation that you and your firm have grown over the years. You may be starting to realize cash-flow projections do not meet the current structure of your firm, or you may be finding yourself having to consider insolvency.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to leave the personal injury industry, Consula can give you access to a process which will enable you to maximise the returns on your work in progress, ensuring the most efficient and profitable solution for you and your firm.

How it works…

View the case flow to see how we can help you to access an innovative process to manage the transfer of your files.

Consula can give you access to an innovative solution.

Consula brings this innovative and professional approach to exiting the Personal Injury Market to your claimant PI firm. We have partered with a leading organisation to provide the legal market place with a sensible, cost-effective approach which is not only properly managed, but can also help to avoid the need for insolvency. Click here for a full Overview of the process and cashflow.

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