e-Discovery & Document Review services

Services provided by Janos Szokreny are focused on legal document review in relation to legal or regulatory investigations or electronic discovery (e-Discovery).


The way document review is undertaken by companies is evolving quickly, the amount of electronic data companies are holding grows exponentially, doubling every couple of years. This means that software and human resources must adapt in newer and more innovative ways to handle the ever increasing challenges and opportunities.


If you want your review project to be fast, efficient and successful you need a step-by-step evidence review project guide, examples of successful projects and a well detailed project plan. Janos can provide all of this.


As technology advances, document types, versions of office software, information storage, transfer and data encryption methods are constantly evolving. As a result of these changes, the way companies review documents is changing on a daily basis, and it's becoming more and more sophisticated. To be efficient and cost-effective companies have to learn these skills or work with partners specialised in e-Discovery, document review services.


For more information, download our info pack and we will help you plan and manage your project.


The pack includes the following chapters:


  • Step-by-step guide – “Your pathway to a successful document review project”

  • Case studies – See how companies we helped have solved their document review needs

  • How to choose e-Discovery or document review provider?

  • Document review checklist – Let us help you prepare and plan for your project

  • Your document review project plan

In order to turn your review project into success you need to:


  • Specify clear goals

  • Identify the right review tool and document review partners

  • Guarantee review accuracy

  • Make sure you meet deadlines

  • As cost and time efficient as possible


You might be using an in-house team or an evidence review provider for your document review but in any case you will need to make sure:


  • You have a good review guide

  • The evidence reviewers have experience and the correct skills

  • The document review project is well managed

  • Quality control procedures are in place


Janos has been providing in-house paralegal support in London since 1997 and opened an Hungarian office in Budapest in 2010.


He deals with e-Discovery and electronic document review, legal outsourcing, in-house legal support and contract management solutions.

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