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“If you had a headache and your doctor immediately prescribed brain surgery, what would you think? Common-sense would make you ask about headache tablets, a scan, the alternatives. Mediation is the first step in getting rid of your dispute-headache before going down the brain-surgery-court-proceedings route. Mediation will ensure that you decide how your conflict is settled putting you in control, rather than the court. It is always worthwhile considering mediation in the early stages of the dispute" 


Parties in dispute always have the right to go to trial at court. However, the courts have discretion to award or limit recoverable costs where one of the parties is deemed to have “acted unreasonably”; for example, making what the court views as a reasonable offer to settle which has not been accepted, or waiting until after proceedings have been issued to negotiate, or failing to make an offer to settle the claim until just before trial. It should be noted that if you go to court and win, you might only be able to recover 70-75% of your costs. There is another way!

What is ADR?


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a general term encompassing various techniques for resolving conflict outside of court using a neutral third party. When strategically and correctly applied in the context of negotiations, ADR has proven to be a useful tool in overcoming impasse, improving the efficiency of difficult negotiations, and achieving durable settlements. 


What does ADR Cost?


Commercial Mediation


The cost to mediate a commercial dispute is:


Full-day (up to 8 hours): 2 parties – £495.00 per party; 3 or more parties – £445.00 per party.


Half-day (up to 4 hours): 2 parties – £375.00 per party; 3 or more parties – £325.00 per party


Fees are payable seven days in advance of the agreed mediation session.


All hours over the agreed full or half day mediation session are charged at £125.00 per hour, divided equally between the parties.


On the day, in the event that the Parties decide to adjourn the mediation session, a flat fee will be agreed to reconvene the mediation at a later date. (As a general rule, the reconvened mediation will take place within days, but certainly within a few weeks, of the adjournment.)


The rate charged to each party includes up to 2½ hours per party for reviewing pre-mediation documents. All reading time over 2½ hours will be charged to the party at £125.00 per hour and will be invoiced with travel and miscellaneous expenses, if any, after the mediation. The rate also includes up to 1½ hours of post-mediation follow-up, if necessary. All post-mediation follow-up beyond 1½ hours will be charged at £125.00 per hour divided equally between the parties. The cost of meeting facilities, catering, travelling expenses and any other miscellaneous items is split equally between the parties.


Civil Mediation


The cost to mediate a small non-financial disputes – for example, troublesome neighbours – is cheap and flexible. As a general guide, this type of dispute can normally be resolved in 3-6 hours. An attractive cost-effective “all-in” price, split equally between the parties, is available.


Matrimonial Mediation: A couple’s history - long or short - together with the inevitable accompanying emotions, mean that a matrimonial conflict is fundamentally different from a commercial dispute.


We suggest an initial ”no commitment” 2 hour substantive meeting – involving the couple’s solicitors if necessary – to cover the main issues and to put together a plan of action.


The cost of this meeting is £425.00 split equally between the couple. If the couple is happy to proceed and appoint our Mediator, there are two payment options available to mediate a complex matrimonial dispute involving negotiation of the couple’s assets and financial arrangements.


Option 1 – Flat rate fee of £2,750.00 covering up to 14 hours of work; for example: Up to 6 hours of pre-mediation work including reading, communications and pre-mediation meetings.Up to two substantive mediation sessions of up to 8 hours in total. The couple’s solicitors will receive an open interim financial statement together with a legally privileged interim summary of mutually acceptable proposals to assist them in completing the divorce paperwork.


If necessary, up to 1½ hours post-mediation follow-up time is included at no extra charge. Additional time is charged at £175.00 per hour.


Option 2 – £220.00 per hour: Following the initial 2 hour meeting and our mediator’s subsequent appointment, the couple will be charged £220.00 per hour split equally between the couple, subject to an agreed budget.


As with option 1, the couple’s solicitors will receive an open financial statement, together with a legally privileged summary of mutually acceptable proposals.

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